Craig Taylor

One Million Tiny Plays About Britain

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A Wonder Woman and bride-to-be finds herself worse for wear at the end of a hen night; a funeral director's love of Manchester United proves unhelpful when talking to the bereaved; two overly-vigilant mothers wrestle with their paranoia in the queue for Santa's Grotto; a widow recounts her disastrous return to the world of dating and a father realises that his son is growing away from him as he helps him tie his football boots.In these snippets of overheard conversations from across the length and breadth of the country, Craig Taylor captures the state we're in with humour and pathos and perfect timing. Laugh-out-loud funny, and sometimes heartbreakingly moving, these tiny plays in which every one of us could have a starring role are little windows into other people's lives that reveal the triumphs, disasters, prejudices, horrors and joys of twenty-first-century life.Hugely entertaining and utterly addictive, this is book that can be dipped into or feasted upon in one sitting. It will change the way you listen to the world around you, and train journeys will never be the same again.
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    🌴Beach Bag Book


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    What, is that a way of saying you have bad breath?
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    No, she says, ‘I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s just I’m really worried about all that climate change.’
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    What are you going on about? Ed You mentioned water sports. Joe It’s a different kind of water sport. Ed Perhaps it’s … not something I’ve heard of. Joe Perhaps it’s better back in Guildford

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