Mia Guzman

The Baby Weaning Bible

Who else wants to learn the most effective baby-led weaning techniques?

Have you tried breastfeeding before, but found it difficult to wean your infant on to solid foods? Or maybe you're just unsure of how to go about it? If so, then The Weaning Essentials Bible, is the book for you. Written by a child care expert, this user-friendly book outlines the stages of weaning and provides tips and tricks on how to make the transition smoother for both you and your little one. So, take the first step towards a healthy life for your infant by investing in The Weaning Essentials Bible today!

In this book you'll learn about:
What to do in case of a choking accident?
Food allergens and your baby
BLW equipment for introducing solid foods
Consequences of starting BLW too late
Consequences of starting BLW too early
The ideal age for weaning
Recipe for Do-It-Yourself baby food
Important vitamins and nutrients for your growing baby
When should he/she be weaned?
Why is Baby Weaning so hard?
Drying breast milk
Breastfeed more during the day
Baby sleep recommendations
The following ideas can help you breastfeed naturally
Night Weaning
BLW compared to spoon-feeding
What is the difference between baby-led and traditional feeding?
For an older child
Introducing the procedure
Advantages and disadvantages to infant feeding
Abrupt weaning is not necessary
medical reasons for weaning babies
The father should be encouraged to participate.
How to stop breastfeeding
Prolonged breastfeeding has its advantages
Infants should eat one meal at a time
Misconceptions about weaning children
Ways to stop breastfeeding
Lower the breastfeeding time
And so much more…

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