James D McCallister

Dogs of Parsons Hollow

A bereaved mother seeking solace in the rural Carolina countryside instead finds herself embroiled in a depraved, backwoods fever dream, an animal lover’s nightmare: Finding a beautiful, secluded home far from Randi Margrave’s troubled life in the city seems like a step in the right direction—away from ruinous grief over her sweet son Denny, killed in a tragic accident.
Until, that is, she discovers her creampuff of a house sits uphill from a mysterious, camouflaged compound by the river, and from which she begins to hear a haunting chorus—dogs in distress. The sound of suffering.
And once Randi learns the shocking truth about her new neighbors and their dogs, she'll decide to risk all she has left—including her own life—to stop Esau and Julius Macon from ever abusing another innocent animal.
278 printed pages
Original publication



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