Jonnathan Strawthorne

The Causality of Time

It is now 1035 BCE. Talmido is 185 years old, looking no older than twenty-five. Is it a curse or a blessing? That is for Talmido to search for and that, he does with a strength of character that defies logic or reason. Si-tatious, Gelal-tiamat and Talmido's children have long ago settled into death. Talmido is alone and in want of answers. He heads off for the city of Ur and eventually the city of Lagash in search of a man's disappearance under a mysterious set of circumstances. Eventually, Talmido is joined by five hardy and intrepid souls willing to satisfy their curiosity and perhaps enrich their circumstances. The revelations to be opened up to them are shocking and terrifying. They are overwhelmed and confused with the underlying reality of life. New paradigms of thought and creation are presented to them with the dawning realization of humanity's fragile position within the hierarchy of life. Humanity is not alone in the Universe.

Ke-zith-rist has lead his group of freedom loving Sirous-astro-tis to a safe haven of planets within a small solar system far out of the way from the Empire's prying eyes. They flourish and grow as they pursue their inherent need for knowledge and understanding of life and the cosmos around them. Unknown to them they are being watched by malevolent interlopers with a goal of annihilation on their minds. Fleeing through a wormhole with a wake of destruction pursuing them the rebels find their safe haven far away in another Galaxy to their relief and joy, however; it is not to last, as powers beyond their understanding have determined it is time for them to choose sides in an Inter-Galactic war of vast size and scope. It is the inner turmoil of reason and rationale that spurs Ke-zith-rist to ally with a surprising individual with close ties to those with deceit and evil intent in their hearts.

Axhereim, a Nreimhin biological being, becomes more disillusioned with the Anunnaki and their elusive nature. They become more and more demanding in their request for loyalty on Axhereim's part even subjecting him to excruciating mind-warping procedures to imprint their requirements directly onto his mind. Instead, resentment and revulsion are the characteristics that emerge and dominate Axhereim's thoughts and motivation. It is a dangerous game of duplicity on behalf of Axhereim and his master Mardu-poe but one must be victorious for both cannot survive the coming calamity.

The Anunnaki prepare for war. The Special Warfare Forces of the Primus and Authorial prepare for war. Men and women of Mars prepare for the coming conflict while Sirous-astro-tis and Nreimhin armies amass outside the solar system of Earth and Mars. It is to be a defining moment for Humanity, Sirous-astro-tis and Nreimhin alike as they search for their place in a seemingly chaotic and vicious Universe of ideals and desire.
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