Pastor Peter Eckley

Answered Prayer for Victory Over Depression and Its Causative Demon

This is the prayer that has healed many people of DEPRESSION in numerous documented cases across the world. If you or a loved one is suffering from DEPRESSION, or has been recently diagnosed of DEPRESSION or perhaps you are suspecting early signs of DEPRESSION, you need to begin praying this prayer now. It doesn't matter how bad the DEPRESSION is. This prayer has healed people with both early stage and advance stage DEPRESSION. How is this possible? With God all things are possible! Note: not just one thing, or some things, or a few things, or many things, or most things, but ALL things! With God ALL things are possible, including healing you or your loved one of DEPRESSION, or any other diseases for that matter. 
Did you know that in the spiritual realm, all diseases, illnesses, misfortunes, etc, are caused by specific demons? In this prayer, the demon responsible for inflicting people with DEPRESSION is named, cursed, and cast out of the afflicted body in the name and by the power of Jehovah, the Most High God. When you pray this prayer persistently and in faith, the Grace of the Most High God will fill your body with His power and love and you will certainly receive your miraculous healing. You need to begin praying this prayer now. And as you pray this prayer, may the Almighty God heal you or your loved one and may you remain in good health from now on, in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.
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