Nigel Messenger

Doctors at War

Doctors at War — A family's struggles through two World Wars

The Great War is raging across the world and the British are fighting beside their allies against the Macedonians.

In the hospitals of Malta and Salonika, two dedicated doctors are locked in an ongoing battle of their own. One, an active Suffragette trained in Edinburgh, faces a daily fight for status and respect at a time when 'lady' doctors were despised and mistrusted. The other trained in The Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin and nearby hospitals. Both are strongly opinionated and passionate about their calling; a clash of personalities is inevitable. However, love flourishes in the most adverse of conditions — the two doctors go on to set up not one but two practices in London, as well as welcoming a daughter into the world.

As time goes by, war also impacts on the lives of the doctors' descendants. Told from the point of view of various family members, the action leads the reader from the turbulent world of London during the Blitz to the code breaking genius of Bletchley Park, from the tense Battle of the Atlantic to the terrible Battle of Kohima.

Nigel Messenger is also the author of The Miracle of Michmash, Meggido, The Battles for Armageddon, and From Eden to Babylon.
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