Rhys N Rivers


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them — Ephesians 5:8

Deep within the forgotten and misty moorlands of Yorkshire, the secluded village of Middleton Kirkby unknowingly plays host to a dark secret. Malevolent, malignant and patient, It waits as if dormant for the next generation of an ancient family to make their Payment.

When the Esquire of Middleton Kirkby returns home to his manor and life of near isolation after a period of time away he finds he is not as abandoned as he always thought. As much as he may try to resist, he realises he cannot keep from making his Payment forever.

Payment is the first published work by Rhys N Rivers. Rivers, a veteran of the British Armed Forces, is making his way on a part-time basis through the dozens of fictional ideas conceived as a teenager and during service. Payment evolved from a short story entered in a horror fiction competition in 2017 on and the reviews and comments kindly received encouraged Rivers to develop the idea into a full-length novel.

“…very well penned. It reminded me of E.A. Poe.”

“I love Poe…many horrifying images…horror theme runs well throughout…”
194 printed pages
Original publication
Rhys N Rivers


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