Charles Marks

Of Blondes, Betting, Booze and Bolshevism

Of Blondes, Betting, Booze and Bolshevism is the ultimate male self-help manual. In Of Blondes, Betting, Booze and Bolshevism you will learn: How to meet famous pin-up girls. How to be relieved of large sums of money by famous pin-up girls. How to marry famous pin-up girls. How to win on the races. How to drink more than is good for you. How to make a quick quid by arranging for your favourite political party to dissolve. How to create a classic of contemporary English literature in the course of discussing the four pillars of bloke culture: women, gambling, drinking and politics. With this knowledge, you can go from zero to hero in just a short amount of time!
346 printed pages
Original publication


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