Richard Brestoff

The Camera Smart Actor

This is it! The real story of what goes on behind the scenes. Camera Smart provides actors with an exclusive and much needed look at the inner workings of a film set. By following an actor on his first day of work you encounter the jargon, the situations, the people, the failures and successes of a real world camera job. It's the next best thing to being there. This book, written with a rare combination of humor and insight covers all aspects of the camera actor's world including a fascinating look at how the new technologies of video games, CD-ROM movies, interactive multi-media and the 500 channel universe will affect that world. Become camera smart yourself so that when you get the job you'll be ready.
180 printed pages



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    Mike Phillips Gomezhas quoted7 days ago
    So, acting is not just pursuing an objective, and it is not just playing the moment. Good acting results in the coming together of one’s personal uniqueness with the text.
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