Wayne Adao

Texas Hold'em

Once one of the top Texas Hold'em players in the world. Winning millions at the tables, now living in a seedy apartment in a run-down area of Las Vegas. Playing in third-rate casinos. Meet Joe Willie Henry and enter the world of big-time poker.
Specifically, Texas Hold'em poker. He won big everywhere he played. With his father on the living room coffee table for match sticks to the jungles of Nam for a month's pay. In the glitzy casinos of Vegas and Atlantic City to luxurious suites in San Francisco and the mega yachts of Fort Lauderdale. And on TV. He was also a winner with the women. Then somewhere along the way, he started losing…in life.   This is his story.

My game is Texas Hold'em and at one time I had been one of the top twenty players in the world. Number twelve to be exact. That was in my prime — both age and game-wise. Of course, women followed my success. There were always women around the tournaments and tables. At the big ones in Vegas and Atlantic City, they would jockey for position to get the best possible exposure from the television cameras in their low-cut mini dresses. As much cleavage showing as they had.
I was a “rock star” on the tour — young, good looking, well dressed, and a winner. Winner being the key word. The two “W's” — women flock to winners. Add a third W into the equation and it defined me. The third W is in my name — Joe Willie. Attractive women, rich or poor, single or married, were always coming on to me. Joe Willie.

She watched him win the first night of the tournament, with a winner's take of one percent. His percentage from one of his sponsor's very early in his career. The first night his take is thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. A very good night for a twenty-two-year old. A winner, and she is his reward.
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