Harry DeMaio

The Octavian Cases

Bearoness Belinda’s suggestion that she and Octavius retire has produced some interesting results. Can he actually become a Consulting Detective Emeritus? They agree on a one year sabbatical tour with the Twins, away from UUI, the Hexagon and above all, criminals. The Octavians are left in charge. First stop — A trip to Australia. See Book 16. The Cases Down Under.
But funny things happened on their way around Oz. Two murders, contract rigging, money laundering, petty violence, monsoons, an accident and several near misses. Was Bruce Wallaroo right when he asked, “You’re not really going to retire, are you? Leopards can’t change their spots and bears can’t shed their fur.”
More adventures. in Volume 17. Belinda and the Twins make their first off world trips to several exoplanets while the Octavians get involved in defeating a major drug lord. Oh yes, Mlle Woof changes careers. Peace and quiet? Not Likely!
149 printed pages
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