Sondi Bruner

The Candida Free Cookbook and Action Plan

If you know someone who suffers from candida, you know it’s a dangerous yeast that can take over your body, causing you to gain weight, feel pain, and be exhausted. But studies have proven that even the worst candida infections can be cured with the right diet and eating habits.

The Candida Cookbook and Action Plan offers everything you need to eliminate candida from your body and get your health back. Doctor’s visits and prescription medication are not the only hope for candida infections. Start cooking with The Candida Cookbook and Action Plan and feel for yourself how food really can be medicine.

Features include:

• Clear explanations of the causes and symptoms of candida
• A guide to the most common dietary triggers
• A month-long action plan to eliminate problem foods, broken down into a 3-day cleanse and a 3-week meal plan
• Shopping lists for the entire month so you buy only what you need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
• Over 125 delicious recipes, including a chapter of reintroduction recipes

196 printed pages
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