Candy Moore

The Babymama, The Wife & The Mistress

Avion is the wife of an abusive husband, Jamal, who she is totally dependent on. A mother of two kids, Avion desperately wants nothing more than to leave Jamal before she ends up six feet under. Then she unexpectedly meets Tremaine, who wants to show her a different side to a man's touch… one that doesn't leave her black and blue! But will Jamal's jealous ways allow her to experience real love and happiness?
Dedra is the baby momma whose baby daddy, Dornell, is currently incarcerated. Dedra is desperate to get her man back home with her and their kids so she hires a lawyer named Benjamin. Benjamin is dangerously handsome. And in her quest to get her baby daddy out of prison, Dedra finds herself becoming attracted to him. But even being locked up, Dornell is not one to be crossed!
Stormy is the mistress who didn't even know she was the side chick until she ended up pregnant and the loser she was dealing with didn't want to have anything to do with her or the baby. But then Stormy meets the street wise bad boy, Xavier, and falls for him, even though she tried hard not to. Will she be able to make love work or will her past come back to mess with her present?
Now what do these three friends have in common? They are about to do something that could cost them their lives and definitely their happiness. Read this drama filled page turner about love and revenge.
144 printed pages
Original publication



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