Ludwig Von Mises

Notes and Recollections with The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics

Published for the first time together in one volume is Ludwig von Mises's Notes and Recollections with The Historical Setting of the Austrian School of Economics.After Mises died, in 1973, Mrs. Margit von Mises found the German-language manuscript for Notes and Recollections among his papers. It had been written between 1940 and 1941, shortly after he arrived in the United States. Notes and Recollections could be described as MIses's pre-1940 intellectual autobiography; it tells how he developed his theories, wrote his books, lectured, and taught; it describes his life in Vienna and the people with whom he worked. This text includes a foreword by Mrs. Mises and a postscript by Hans Sennholz.Historical Setting is a 45-page essay originally published in English in 1969, and it also reveals Mises's intellectual development in the context of the origins of the Austrian School. It serves as a good introduction to the theory of the Austrian School as well as to its history.
251 printed pages
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