Three Cheerleaders In the Showers, Gimmy Dicks
Gimmy Dicks

Three Cheerleaders In the Showers

A lesbian cheerleader couple becomes obsessed with the cute new girl that joins their team. They finally decide to see if they can have some fun with her and end up using her sexy little body in the showers after practice.

Excerpt: Casey bent over to pick a towel from her bag and it caused her short cheerleader skirt to ride up the back of her thighs and expose her panties. Karen immediately nudged her friend Brandy and motioned towards the little white panties that were on show. They stretched tight across Casey’s ass and it was a gorgeous sight that the two girls couldn’t tear their eyes away from until Casey finally straightened up again. Brandy looked at Karen and grinned. In truth the two girls were more than friends and they had been fantasizing about the new girl on their cheer team for a couple of weeks.
13 printed pages
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