Michael Braun

The Battle for Your Heart

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A Dream About This Book
Years ago I dreamed about a book I would write in the future. In the dream I was looking at the book which fell open to the middle because of inserts located there. The inserts reminded me of free samples offered in women’s magazines for perfumes and other products. The inserts offered in this book were free samples of dress shirts with bright colors such as: pink, lavender, chartreuse, teal, and coral. They were starched and folded and the reader was able to pick any one of them or all if they so desired. I was amazed that something so valuable would be included with the purchase of a book. ---- I then woke up.
I asked others for an interpretation, but never felt that any interpretation was correct. God revealed the dream’s interpretation a few months before this book went to print.
If you decide to purchase you will be holding the book from that dream in your hands.
God’s interpretation: the shirts represent the varied, amazingly beautiful personalities of the people who will read this book. This book will offer them, maybe for the first time, the opportunity to choose to be themselves apart from the influence of deceptions which have pressured them to be someone they are not. The shirts were all brightly colored because every personality is uniquely crafted by God as one-of-a-kind and therefore, boldly stands out. The freedom to take or leave the shirts was left up to the reader with no pressure whatsoever. This represents God’s gracious offer of freedom without any obligation. The shirts could even be taken out later as they were nicely folded and did not interfere with the reading of the book. This represents God’s timing for some who will not be able to embrace their freedom while reading. However, they can come back later to choose their freedom.
God has a destiny for your life and He is faithful to lead you into it. I pray this book will give you the courage to pick your own color and stand out as the one-of-a-kind individual that He has called you to be.
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