Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays

bakhtiyarhas quoted2 years ago
advertisement a notice in a newspaper to tell you about something (e.g. a job)
bank a building or business where people keep their money safely
catch to find and get someone after going after them
clever quick to understand and learn
college a place where people go to study after leaving school
copy write or draw something to look like another thing
draw make pictures with a pen or pencil
examination a test of what somebody knows
examiner the person who checks the answers of an examination
floor the part of a room you walk on
gamble away lose money by betting on horses or games
gold yellow metal that is very valuable
hide get into a place where you cannot be seen
honest an honest person says only what is true, and does not take other people’s things
league a number of people who agree to work or come together for a reason
lock (v) close something with a key; locked (adj)
paper something you write on
piece not all of something, a small part of it
police a group of men and women whose job is to see that people do not break the law
Scotland Yard a very important police station in London
servant someone who works in another person’s house, cooking or cleaning
sharpen (a pencil) to cut it, to make it easy to write with
sir a polite way to speak to a man who is more important than you
story telling about something which is true or not true
strange surprising or not usual
strong-room an underground room in a bank where money and gold are kept
tea an afternoon meal
thief a person who takes things that do not belong to him or her; thieves (plural)
tunnel an underground way from one place to another
wages the money someone pays you for doing a job
worried afraid that something bad is going to happen
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