Rahul Singh Patel

Kali Linux Social Engineering

In DetailKali Linux has a specific toolkit that incorporates numerous social-engineering attacks all into one simplified interface. The main purpose of SET (social engineering toolkit) is to automate and improve on many of the social engineering attacks currently out there.
This book is based on current advanced social engineering attacks using SET that help you learn how security can be breached and thus avoid it. You will attain a very unique ability to perform a security audit based on social engineering attacks.
Starting with ways of performing the social engineering attacks using Kali, this book covers a detailed description on various website attack vectors and client side attacks that can be performed through SET. This book contains some of the most advanced techniques that are currently being utilized by hackers to get inside secured networks. This book covers phishing (credential harvester attack), web jacking attack method, spear phishing attack vector, Metasploit browser exploit method, Mass mailer attack and more.
By the end of this book you will be able to test the security of any organization based on social engineering attacks.
ApproachThis book is a practical, hands-on guide to learning and performing SET attacks with multiple examples.
Who this book is forKali Linux Social Engineering is for penetration testers who want to use BackTrack in order to test for social engineering vulnerabilities or for those who wish to master the art of social engineering attacks.
114 printed pages



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