Aleister Crowley

The Diary of a Drug Fiend

This is a true story… It is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and of beauty. Written by Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend tells the story of young Peter Pendragon and his lover Louise Laleham, and their adventures traveling through Europe in a cocaine and heroin haze. The bohemian couples’ binges produce visions and poetic prophecies, but when their supply inevitably runs dry they find themselves faced with the reality of their drug addiction. Through the guidance of King Lamus, a master adept, they use the application of practical Magick to free themselves from addiction. Released in as his first published novel in 1922 and dubbed “a book for burning” by the papers of the time, Diary of a Drug Fiend reveals the poet, the lover, and the profound adept that was Aleister Crowley.
394 printed pages

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    our troubles come from our consciousness of their existence, so that if we forget their existence, they actually cease to exist!
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    And yet, of course, after all, one must have formalities, just as in flying you have to make arrangements for starting and stopping.

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