Lexie Anderson Fry

Intruders from the Unseen World; Mary's Story

When Mary purchased a condo and moved into a senior community, she began hearing music, and later, voices. She suffered from sleepless nights, and the unseen beings speaking to her said things that were untrue. They were mysterious and perplexing, and she wanted them to leave. Mary's Story is a journey of discovery as she attempts to rid herself of the voices in her mind.

For some, it's easy to believe God creates us for eternity, and one day when we die we will go to heaven, where we will live with the Lord forever. God created angels for eternity too. From the Bible we learn that Satan disobeyed God and was cast out of heaven. He took a third of the angels with him, whom we call demons, fallen angels, or evil spirits. Demons are real. They are intelligent beings, with interesting personalities, who have been around for thousands of years. In Jesus' days on earth demons bothered people, and they still bother people today. Jesus cast demons out of people's lives. Satan and his demons will be confined one day, but that hasn't happened yet [Revelation 20:1–3].

After Mary began hearing voices, her daughter recognized her symptoms as demonic-because twenty years earlier she had a similar experience. She inadvertently attracted demons into her life by being unaware of God's protections against sin. She hadn't yet read the Bible, and a woman she saw on television influenced her into occult activity. In her naiveté she didn't think about the possibility of consequences. Her experience was similar to Mary's, but she knew little about these matters, and nothing about spiritual warfare. As you read Mary's Story you will see they both learned to use Scripture to combat demonic forces.

You won't “catch it;" you'll be strengthened. Remember, we are on the side of victory. Satan may still have some influence, but he was defeated at the cross. If someone you know is hearing voices or has unresolved problems, physical, mental, or spiritual, demons may be at work. This Bible-based book may help. Come along as Mary learns about spiritual beings in the unseen world.
329 printed pages
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