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Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle For Beginners

Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle For Beginners

A Quick Guide To Healthy Living: Low Carbs Keto Diet, Food List – Shed Weight, Regain Your Body and Confidence.

Have you ever wondered if you could shed some weight and return to that excellent physique you ever desired? What about becoming free from those unhealthy conditions that have deprived you of eating a healthier meal, trimming your waistline and losing weight. Starting the ketogenic diet is not as simple as it may sound but equipping you with the right guide simplifies everything, and that is what this book gives you: The Complete Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle For Beginners
The book covers:
•Fundamentals of Ketogenic Diet
•Benefits of the ketogenic diet
•Ketogenic Diet for Weight loss
•Ketogenic Diet and Alcoholic Intake
•How Ketosis Happen
•How to test for Ketosis without test strips
•Reduction in blood sugar and blood pressure
This book gives you a list of unique foods that demands your attention to the ketogenic success. It also exposes you to what to expect on the ketogenic journey. Take action now to retain your0confidence.
If it sounds cool, step up and get ready to dig into the world of the Ketogenic Diet with ease!
19 printed pages
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