Anthony Fung,Jason T. William

Mediterranean Diet – The Science and Art of Mediterranean Diet

A delicious and easy to follow diet, that burns fat faster? The Mediterranean Diet!

If you’ve ever traveled to the south of Europe, it's very likely that you had a taste of Mediterranean food. Known worldwide for being very healthy and tasty, the Mediterranean diet keeps conquering fans throughout the world due to its benefits:

Burn fat faster; Build healthier eating habits; Improve your health and energy.

The book ‘Mediterranean Diet — The Science and Art of Mediterranean Diet’ is a complete beginner’s guide that teaches you how to follow this proven to be successful diet, while still keeping your motivation up. Not only will your body become much healthier, your mind will be much clearer and the future you will thank yourself.

Learn all the principles of a successful Mediterranean diet and start watching the numbers on the scale going down!

In 2008, there was a study that measured the impact of the Mediterranean diet on the risk of cancer. The results were impressive: People that followed exclusively the Mediterranean diet have seen their cancer risk drop by 6%. And there are other health benefits associated with it: It decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases; and lowers the risk of depression, while promoting mental balance.

Rich in vegetables, moderate dairy, and olive oil, this is the diet that will help you reach that dream weight you always chased. Here’s what this book can help you with:

Learn all the benefits of the Mediterranean food while building your own personal diet plan;Cook delicious healthy meals that help you lose weight. You won’t even notice you’re on a diet;Build a strong mindset that helps you to keep up with your goals.

What are you waiting for? The Mediterranean diet might just be the perfect solution for your weight loss issue! Read this book now, and find out all the secrets of this tasty diet.

Erase from your mind all those diets that didn’t work in the past. This is the perfect book to teach you step by step how to be a master of weight loss. The biggest plus? This diet is very easy to follow, since all its meals are delicious and easy to prepare. You won’t believe how good your body will look!

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