David Hoffmeister

Glimpse of Grace

A Glimpse of Grace is a collection of love letters from the Divine. It is a taste of David Hoffmeister's deeply insightful and most liberating early writings. Filled with nurture and care for the awakening and healing mind, it's a sharing of the same consistent message: Release the illusion of separation, for only Love is real. Meeting David Hoffmeister is like meeting the rising sun. He is a big, gentle, and powerful bright light that seems to flow effortlessly along, emanating a truly genuine, joyful, confident contentment. David has been traveling the world as a mystic-listening to his inner guidance, relying completely on Divine Providence, and teaching oneness through demonstration-since 1991. This booklet offers a consistent, clear, uncompromising, inspiring, and absolutely liberating message: The Love of God is all there is and It is here now. "e;The Vision of the Holy One is revealed as the veil of duality is parted, and beaming Rays of Light replace the world of perception."e;
65 printed pages



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    ciuchkahas quoted3 years ago
    Love whispers gently “You haven't really done anything wrong... You are a Love beyond compare.”
    ciuchkahas quoted3 years ago
    Love does not possess.
    ciuchkahas quoted3 years ago
    Home is the deepest Calling of the Heart.

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