Impressions of “It Can't Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis

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The idiocy with which SJW snowflakes heap all of this nonsense onto President Trump is becoming satirical all by itself. You see folks, the things that you are accusing President Trump of-he simply has not done, or does not in fact intend. This book does NOT predict Trump, you idiots, as Trump is actually desiring to protect the American people. Never mind that the next attack that occurs here is on YOU, and most definitely not on Trump, he sees what is so obvious. You CANNOT vet people from bombed out countries. At all. The enemy has explicitly stated, bragged even, that it would take advantage of the stupidity the U.S. is operating under thanks to rampant liberalism (a mental disorder) that was never more prominent (the stupidity) than during the terms of Pinocchiobama.

They are going to kill more of us, and YOU are to blame. There is not one thing wrong with making America GREAT again.

Next deaths are on you. It isn't President Trump that will be at fault. It IS YOU idiots who don't get that he doesn't want what happened to Europistan to happen here. YOU are at fault for this nonsense.

You better hope I don't lose people on account of YOU. I've had enough...

johneeduttonshared an impression3 years ago
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