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Alexandra Sellers

The Sheikh's Love Nest

The last man in the world Viola wants to beg for help is Prince Adal Harir ibn Muntazer al Hasib. He's the man she trashed in the gutter press seven years ago when their passionate affair ended, and she knows he's never forgotten.But now Adal, powerful Cup Companion to the Sultan of Bagestan, is the one man who can save her brother's life. Adal's willing to help—for a price. And Viola has to do whatever it takes. But will living in the sheikh's love nest really set Ben free, or is Adal using the opportunity to take revenge?He wants Viola in his bed again, too. If Viola doesn't resist, will their loving only add heartbreak to the public humiliation he has in store for her? Praise for Sons of the Desert: The Johari Crown miniseriesTHE SHEIKH'S LOVE NEST"I've loved every book Alexandra Sellers has ever written—and this one is no exception. Reunited lovers, a dark and delicious sheikh, and enough passion to light the world—this is a master at the top of her game! I devoured it!"—USA Today Bestselling author Caitlin CrewsHER ROYAL PROTECTOR"The sheikh lives and what a sheikh! Meet Arif at your heart's peril—a powerful, stunning man with an even more breathtaking quality; compassionate honor. And Aly is his perfect foil, touching him with her bright mind, elfin beauty and her humility. In Alexandra Sellers' new book she is, as always, giving us raw passion, a captivating story and pounding excitement. Incredibly entertaining." —Stella Cameron, NY Times Bestselling author
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