Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates, The Abbotts
The Abbotts

Aliens, Ufo's & Stargates

Is there anyone out there?

The Abbotts and Spirit say YES!

Amazing facts about aliens, UFO’s and life on other planets! You will learn why and how they visit us through the incredible complex stargates that are being abused by the sinister Greys.

Channelled messages from aliens and the Ashtar Command will alert you to the fact that two alien races walk amongst us and manipulate humans and our societies.

You will be shown how to work towards meeting friendly aliens and how our DNA holds encoded missions for us all!

Issues about the comet Hale Bopp and the coming asteroid Apophis will amaze you! If you have a genuine interest in extraterrestrial life forms and their contact with Humanity, then this is a must read for you.

Easy reading and illustrated.

A Beacon of Light Book.
165 printed pages
Original publication



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