Peter Mayle

“Where Did I Come From?”

For more than twenty years, Where Did I Come From? has helped parents explain the facts of life to their curious children. Millions of children have enjoyed the humor and honesty in this book, while learning how babies are really made.
Peter Mayle and Arthur Robins are also the bestselling team responsible for What's Happening to Me? a guide to puberty.
47 printed pages
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    What the crap this is a good book🤣🤣🤣🤣


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    First month.
    The baby (let’s say it’s a girl) spends her first month growing from a dot you can hardly see into a little girl measuring about the size of one of your teeth. As small as she is, she already has a backbone and the first beginnings of arms, legs, nose and eyes. She even has a heart that’s beating.
    Second month.
    By the time the second month has passed, our baby not only has arms and legs. She has fingers, toes, elbows, and knees. And a definite little face.
    Third month.
    This is the time when the baby starts to develop her shouting equipment. She begins to form her vocal cords, which she’s going to need when she starts yelling for dinner.
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