Juliana Baldec

11 Yogananda Guru Lessons: Strength, Mindset & Creative Confidence

The process of Yoga is still a mystery to many in the Western World as they simply had no care to learn about it due to religious reasons or otherwise. As things become more integrated however, more and more individuals are becoming exposed and fascinated by Yoga and are curious to learn where it all started and how it can be beneficial to them. Juliana makes every effort to make the information as inspirational, usable, interactive, mentally stimulating and actionable as possible to keep the reader engaged and motivated in the process. The book gives the novice just enough information to enable them to make an informed decision as to whether or not they will opt to practice yoga or not. There is even a chapter that shows the link between meditation and yoga and how the two work together to get the body and the mind in unison and to show how the two disciplines in combination will result in even more health benefits for the user. Combine Yoga with Meditation and a light and healthy food choice and Yoga will become the most powerful and enjoyable lifestyle where you are the warrior and you will command and receive the unlimited health benefits that are possible with such a daily Yoga ritual. Thanks to media and press about the Turbaned Gurus, Sing-Song Mantras and Body Contortions, Yoga has made quite a comeback in recent years as more & more individuals start to realize the benefits that they can accrue from doing this low impact form of exercise. The book is designed to answer all the questions & shed truth on everything that a beginner should know about the wonderful and fascinating world of Yoga. There are other books that talk about Yoga for beginners, but the focus of this book is different because it does not talk about a certain Yoga topic in a boring & long winded way, but it gives you a quick & snappy lesson to read & enjoy. It encourages you to take action. Book 2: “Zen Is Like You” Welcome to a New Blissful & Enlighten You!
139 printed pages
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