Meditation for Angry People, Pearl Howie
Pearl Howie

Meditation for Angry People

From the best selling author of “free Feeling Real Emotions Everyday”.

Anger is like fire. Sometimes it can be useful, sometimes it can be destructive, sometimes it can feel that we just can't get a spark started although we feel like we’re sitting on a powder keg.

We're all human and we all have anger, whether others see us as angry and bitter or smiling and carefree.

This book is written to help you understand your own anger, whether it stems from fear, sadness, resentment, control, self-blame or holding on to old pain. It's written to help those who feel burdened with anger that they just can't express, those who feel the pain of almost overwhelming anger or those who find it difficult to get through the day without one really good tantrum.

This book is written to help you choose how to handle your own anger, find your own peace and live your own life.

“You are very precious and a resource to the community.” NHS manager
60 printed pages
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Nina Artemieva Davis
Nina Artemieva Davishas quoted2 years ago
“one thing at a time is enough for me”

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