Alan Watts

What Is Zen?

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A fervent, lifelong student of Zen, Alan Watts shows us that it is both an experience — a singular, powerful moment of realization — and a simple way of life, with an awareness that affects every moment of every day. Adopted by mainstream America in a way that carries only a vague association of its roots in Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts makes it clear that any exploration of Zen must understand and embrace its roots as a form of Buddhist practice derived from its Chinese and East Indian sources.

Examining the background of Zen in East Indian religion, Watts shows us its evolution through the religion of China. Zen is a synthesis of the contemplative insight of Indian religion and the dynamic liveliness of Taoism as they came together in the pragmatic, practical environment of Confucian China. Watts gives us great insight into the living moment of satori and the release of nirvana, as well as the methods of meditation that are current today, and the influence of Zen culturally in the arts of painting and pottery.
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    Kate Lagunovashared an impression5 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    This is valuable piece of mind.. Lead me to better understanding of life processes.


    olegkutcynahas quoted2 years ago
    If you expect something to come in a certain way, you position yourself to get ready for it. If it comes another way, by the time you reposition your energy, it is too late. So stay in the center, and you will be ready to move in any direction.
    Kate Lagunovahas quoted5 years ago
    I just said that the origin of the world is now — and there is this odd sensation that now comprises everything: the most distant past, the most remote future, the vastness of space, all states of experi- ence, all joy, all sorrow, all heights, all depths. Everything is now. There isn’t anywhere else to be — there never was, and never will be!
    That is why you never were born, and therefore cannot die. You never came, so you won’t go. You were always here. It’s a very curious feeling, so different from what we ordinarily think. In entering into the now, we find the eternal now. We find infinity in the split second.

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