Nadine Dorries

Christmas Angels

The perfect read for Christmas, from bestselling author Nadine Dorries.
1950s Liverpool.
Christmas is the most harrowing time of year for the nurses of St Angelus Hospital.
A brilliant nurse secretly battling a fatal illness over Christmas… A starving baby boy abandoned in the freezing cold… A cruel, controlling mother, determined to block her daughter's nursing career at all costs…
In the run up to Christmas, nurses Pammy and Beth are aiming to win the coveted national decorating competition for the St Angelus children's ward, but drama after drama threatens to upset their plans.
Amid the hardship and poverty of 1950s Liverpool, only the humour and community spirit of nurses and patients will get the Angels through their toughest Christmas yet.
What people are saying about CHRISTMAS ANGELS:
'It had everything from laughing out moments, to those times where tears were not far away'
'Nadine Dorries is an excellent story teller and her characters are so well written… Not many authors have that effect on me'
'I have enjoyed all The Lovely Lane series so far but for me this is the best one yet'
'In my opinion she can do no wrong and this latest book is just wonderful, such a heart warming story!'
442 printed pages
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