Gary Lovisi

The Invisible Men: The Jon Kirk of Ares Chronicles, Book 2

John Kirk of Ares — a hero very much in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' interplanetary romances — returns in the second book in the series!

PRAISE FOR BOOK 1: «It’s been nearly a century since Edgar Rice Burroughs first enchanted readers with his tales of John Carter and Dejah Thoris on the planet Barsoom. Since then, generations of writers have tried to recapture Burroughs' magic: from Otis Adelbert Kline and Robert E. Howard to Leigh Brackett, Lin Carter, Andre Norton and a hundred more. Gary Lovisi adds his name to the list with The Winged Men, a marvelous romp that updates ERB’s Confederate vet to Jon Kirk, an American apparently killed in Vietnam only to find himself miraculously transported to the planet Ares. Jon Kirk's adventures among beautiful women, barbarous men and cannibalistic aliens demonstrates all the heart of a true lover of the interplanetary romance, and will surely delight readers with a yearning to escape the stress of modern civilization and travel to a world of action, intrigue, gallantry and romance.» — Richard A. Lupoff, Author of “Barsoom: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Martian Vision”

«I very much enjoyed this book. In my view, as intended, it has Burroughs’ vividness, look, sound, sentiment, honesty, directness, sweep, vigor, and appeal, but there is Lovisi in there, too. It is a fresh country in its own right, and certainly one that ERB, and those fond of ERB, like myself, would recognize, find familiar, welcome and relish. I bet ERB would have liked it, too.» — John Norman, creator of Tarl Cabot and the famous Gor books series.
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