Houston Cei

The Sensual Sabbath 2

In this second tale of the
Anderson family saga, Kate continues to encourage the value of true family bonding
which includes sharing love in the flesh. With Kate’s ideas of sexual
exploration, will new pleasures await her daughter and son-in-law? It turns out that the sexy twins have their own ideas to enhance the traditional Sabbath of the Anderson family.

PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Sharon and Cecil crossed each
others paths daily; they had a wonderful father/daughter relationship and their
sexual contact at family time was nothing less than fabulous. They enjoyed each
others creativity and the dirty talk that went along with the sex, but when
they went out together just the two of them, Sharon was usually in a much
different space. They had announced at the Sensual Sabbath that they wanted to have a father/daughter date. They mentioned the particular weekend they chose
but did not disclose the details. The family approved  with best wishes for a good time. Their plans
included some drama as suggested by Sharon to Cecil.

Sharon was sitting alone at a
small table in an upscale coffee shop in Santa Nella at about 1:00 pm waiting
for her date to arrive. She was wearing a nice but conservative gown, and when
Cecil entered, her eyes lit up and she flashed a bright smile.

Cecil approached Sharon and
said, “A pretty girl like you need not be alone. May I buy you coffee and lunch?”

“Yes, you may, sir; now this
girl is no longer alone,” she answered.

After a very light lunch of a
shared sandwich and iced coffee, Sharon asked, “Do you have something else in mind?”

“It just so happens that I do,” he answered.  “I’ve reserved one of the cottages on the beach in Capitola.”

“Dad, you’re kidding!” she exclaimed with girlish enthusiasm. Sharon was so impressed with her father's
plans that she did not even realize that she inadvertently ended the drama of pretending they were strangers.

“No way am I kidding, it’s
ready for us at this very moment in time,” he responded as he dangled the key
in front of her.

It was about an hour and a half drive to the beach and Cecil was totally in tune to Sharon’s elated
feelings about the place he had rented for them. They enjoyed small talk and laughter all the way until they arrived in Capitola late in the afternoon.   It was a charming studio cottage right on the beach where one would be stepping out onto the sand immediately after
opening the front door with the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean only about
100 yards away. On the dining room table was a wrapped gift; Cecil picked it up
and handed it to her as he said, “Considering the setting, you may enjoy this.”

“Daddy, you never cease to amaze me!” Sharon exclaimed with a broad smile. “You really know how to charm a girl,” she added as she hastily opened the package. It was a sleeveless
slip-over blouse displaying a peacock with its feathers on a white background
along with a pair of powder blue shorts and thongs. Tears filled her eyes as
she held up the beautiful blouse to admire the design.

“Dad, you remembered how much
I love peacocks. Where did you ever find something like this?”

“Well my dear, the shops here
in Capitola are known for unique items, and I thought that ‘something
different’ would be in order rather than stopping by the house to get something
you already own. I’m glad you like the blouse.”

“Yes, I love everything.
Thank you, Dad!” she exclaimed as she wiped the tears of joy from her cheeks and then added, “Before I change, let’s be a little intimate. Nothing kinky like we do at family time; just some tender touching, you know, Dad:  a prelude to later tonight.”

sounds wonderful,” he responded with a smile.
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