Adrian Cole

Thief of Dreams

Vicious aliens, human gladiators, and elemental gods populate the realms of the Star Requiem series in the second novel following Mother of Storms.
Adrian Cole’s acclaimed Star Requiem series welcomes readers to Innasmorn, a planet where the elements are worshipped as gods . . . and where mankind is considered the enemy.
In the impenetrable West of Innasmorn lies the forbidden city of Shung Hang—a mystical place shrouded in legend . . . and guarded by the winged warriors of the last goddess, the Aviatrix. Pursued by the relentless death machine of the corrupt prime consul Zellorian, the last remnants of an exterminated mortal race make their way across a perilous, devastated land. For only by harnessing an ancient power secreted in the Deathless City can the intrepid human survivors hope to hold the enemy at bay—and forestall the bloodthirsty alien Csendook’s planned genocide of humankind.
Don’t miss the entire Star Requiem quartet: Mother of Storms, Thief of Dreams, Warlord of Heaven, and Labyrinth of Worlds.
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