Paul Barton

Maximizing Internal Communication

Too many organizations believe if messages are going out, they're getting through. This mistaken belief is costing them in terms of operational excellence and customer service. Employees today are being drowned in information that is not filtered, prioritized or put into context, so important messages are being lost or simply ignored by an overwhelmed and skeptical workforce. But with the right guiding principles, tools and strategies, you can create a highly effective internal communication program and engage employees in the your organization's success. Paul Barton, ABC, shows you how by sharing 20 years of on-the-job experience. In Maximizing Internal Communication, Paul gives you what you need to take your employee communication efforts to the next level. Discover how to: Create tools to stay on time, on budget and on brand. Choose the right communication channels to reach and engage employees. Craft strategic communication plans that produce results that matter. Find an authentic and credible organizational tone that inspires employees. Promote employee benefits so offerings are used appropriately and valued highly. Communicate during a crisis so your organization recovers as quickly as possible. Lead successful initiatives to ensure change is adopted quickly. Evaluate your communication efforts and measure employee engagement. These practical approaches can be implemented right away. Start reading and maximizing your internal communication efforts today.
275 printed pages


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