Vanessa F.Hurst

Engaging Compassion Through Intent And Action

“In Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action, Vanessa Hurst creates a visible and clear bridge to the compassionate life and foundational compassionate practices. This book is a must-read for anyone committed to deepening their commitment to a compassionate life.” Tom Williams, Co-Host, Compassionate Louisville and Member, Global Compassion Council

Compassion is a hot commodity. We don't want to keep it. We want to give it away. But, we get busy. We miss opportunities to share compassion. The connection between our compassionate intent and action is lost. How do we reconnect our intent to our action? By building, sustaining, and walking across our bridge of intent and action.

Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action shares resources and reveals clues to building and sustaining a personal, compassion-centric bridge. We begin by laying a strong foundation of awareness and sinking life pillars of being present, understanding our self, living with curious daring, and taking a long look at our life into that foundation. Our bridge's cables are mindfulness practices that anchor us in the moment and help us to release life stressors. We lay our bridge's deck through our intent and action.

Ready to engage compassion? Use the ideas and tools presented to gain an expanded awareness of your self. Develop a greater understanding of the underlying reasons why you react and respond to the world. Using the process of RI2 (reflection, introspection, and integration) shift from a place of fear-filled reaction to a place of compassionate response. The result? A compassion-centric life bridged through the alignment of your intent with your actions.
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