John Patterson

Caregiving: Our Labor of Love

Caregiving: Our Labor of Love is the definitive caregiving experience. This experience took almost seven years to live through. This is a detailed account of that experience. In the next ten years, over 70 million souls will enter the caregiving experience for not only them but their families as well. This level of expectation is just within the United States alone. The United States government is pushing for in-home healthcare in these approaching years. For the numbers and figures that Ive listed, you can go to this website for verification. Let me just say that you amaze me what a good writer you are! I really believe that God has anointed you to write this for such a time as this and is going to use it mightily to help others. Mary Ann Gillespie of Look for our company in late 2015 or early 2016 to be online. Google us by our logo. Our Company: We are a small but growing company with big plans for the future. We plan to not only help but empower the families that are going through their caregiving experiences. We have the knowledge, capability, and desire to encourage you to have the best possible caregiving experience you can have. No longer will you have to feel like you are struggling through your caregiving experience alone. We went through our experiences, and we know what is ahead of you in your experience. We know what worked for us and what didnt. Allow us to share our successes with you so that you and your family can benefit from our knowledge. We hope to bless and touch the lives of millions of families.
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