Scott La Counte

iMac with MacOS Catalina

You’ve heard all about Mac: how it doesn’t get as many viruses as Windows, how it’s faster, how it just works! But how do you use it!
Macs aren’t difficult to use, but if you are switching from Windows, then it might be a little confusing at first.
The goal of this book is twofold: help you make the switch from windows; show you the features that you need to know.
This book is intended for people who want to get started quickly with the Mac. For that reason, it’s not as comprehensive as other guides. If you want to know about some feature buried deep under the hood that you’ll never use, then there are other books for you--I’m sure they’ll make good doorstops when you finish.
If you just want a simple guide that tells you what you need to know, so you can use your computer already, then this book is for you.

Are you ready to start enjoying the new Mac OS? Then let’s get started!
278 printed pages
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