Love Magic: Powerful Spells for Love and Lust, Caitlin MacKenna
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Love Magic: Powerful Spells for Love and Lust

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The rule of thumb is that the closer the item is to the person, the more effectively the spell will target them. Also, the more items you can obtain, the better.
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A Spell to Attract a Romantic Partner
There may be a time when you meet a member of the opposite sex who is everything you ever wanted in a lover. It may be a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or business acquaintance, but this person doesn’t seem to feel the same way about you. So what do you do? Simply perform a love spell to attract the romantic partner of your dreams.

For this spell, you will need to go out and pick a fresh rose. If there are no roses, because of the time of year, then any flower will do. Take a pink candle and inscribe your name and the name of your prospective partner on it. Beside the candle, place two small pieces of paper, one with your name on it and the other with the name of your prospective lover. Light the candle and say:

You and I shall be as one.
By love’s true power,
This spell’s begun.
You’ll give your love;
I’ll give mine too.
By love’s true power,
My wish comes true.
You’ll give your love,
From thee to me.
By love’s true power,
So mote it be!
Let love and light,
From in you shine,
By love’s true power,
You now are mine.

Repeat the above spell three times. After the first two repetitions, visualize your prospective lover running towards you. At the end of the third time, visualize him/her hugging you and hear them say,

I will always love you, (state your name).

Let the candle burn out. Then go outside anywhere there is soil. Have with you the rose and the pieces of paper with your names written on them. Take the piece of paper with your name written on it and wrap it around the other one. Crumple them both into a tiny ball, place this inside the flower, and close over its petals. Then dig a small hole and into this place the flower and say:

As this flower withers, so do your defenses against me.
From this day forth, we shall be together in deepest love.

This spell should not take long to become a reality, but you may have to wait the full length of time that it takes for the flower to wither.

Do not do this spell to attract someone who is already in a relationship. It will not work. This is not a break-up spell. It is an attraction spell that is intended to attract a man/woman who is looking for a romantic partner - not someone who already has one.

Also, do not do this spell on someone you just met. Be certain that you really want a long-term relationship with this person. If you change your mind, expect a bad breakup. Things gotten by magic are often harder to get rid of than they were to get.
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A Sex Spell to Attract a Lover
There may be a time when you meet a member of the opposite sex who is, to you, incredibly sexy and desirable. You discover, though, that this person is much too shallow for you to have a relationship with. Therefore, a love spell is out of the question. So what do you do? Simply perform a sex spell. This will enable you to have a sexual relationship with the person without getting emotionally involved.

For this spell, you will need to acquire a red candle and a black one. Upon the red candle, inscribe the name of the person and the words “sexual pleasure.” Upon the black candle, inscribe the word “sex.”

Light both the candles and visualize all your sexual desires coming true with this person. Build up as much passion as you can. Imagine all the sexual pleasure you would have with this person. Then say aloud, and with as much feeling as you can muster:

I call upon the energies of Mars,
To all the spirits of sex and pleasure.
Fulfill my wish and make all my sexual desires a reality.
Give unto me the pleasures of (state name of desired person),
That I may taste of (his/her) fruits.
I shall have my way, for by the power of the spirits of Mars,
It is so!’

Again, visualize yourself having passionate sex with the person and know that this will become a reality.

Now lift the black candle, and with a pin or knife, inscribe the name of your desired lover on it. While doing this, try not to let the candle go out. Say:

Spirits of Fire, I have shown you my desire,
Now you must bring it to me by the holy name,
By His name, the earth shakes and all spirits are at my command.
Do this deed, then go in peace.

You can now let the candles burn out.

This spell should manifest very quickly, for the spirits are very good at their job. Expect to see a great deal of change in the person’s attitude towards you the next time you meet. The person will go into a sexual heat over you, and you may be surprised at how obvious they make it to you.

Before doing this spell, you should be absolutely sure that you would never want a romantic relationship with this person. If you fall in love with him or her, you are probably going to be disappointed. A relationship initiated strictly for sex is almost impossible to transform into a love relationship.
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