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Become A Great Public Speaker

Public speaking is the number one fear of many people. Yet, it is the one thing that we cannot avoid in our academic, career and business pursuit. There comes a time when we will have to speak in public, no matter how reserved we may be.  Public speaking is part and parcel of academic and career growth. In school, you will have to ask and answer questions or called to deliver a formal speech. Your public speaking skills will play a big role in getting a job or a promotion or beating the competition.
It is easy to master the skills once you practice, and this book ‘become a great public speaker' has been written to help you do just that. There are nuggets of information contained in it, with guidelines and tips for delivering effective speeches. When you read this clearly— written and simple book, you will be able to understand the practical steps to take when speaking to a group of people, follow it through and have the audience applaud you loudly for it.
Here is a peek of what’s inside this treasure trove:
•    Understanding Public Speaking
•    Public Speaking— More Than Just Reading A Paper
•    Structuring Informative Speeches
•    Organizing Ideas Logically
•    Tips For Effective Public Speaking
•    Remedies For Overcoming Stage Fright
•    Effective Questions And Answer Sessions: Do’s And Don’t
•    Using Visual Aids effectively
•    And Lots More
Simplify The Process Of Public Speaking. Get This Book Now!
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