Charles E.Magness

A Walk On the Wild Side

Charlie and Mindy had grown up as more than just brother and sister; they’d been best friends their entire lives. ‘Big Brother and Little Sister…best friends, now and always,’ had been their lifelong mantra.
But close as they were, something unexpected was about to happen when they enjoyed a week-long camping trip in the rugged Wyoming mountains…something that was about to change their entire lives!
‘Big Brother and Little Sister’ were about to discover that their special bond was both deeper and closer than they had ever anticipated!
“We forgot something important last night,” I told her, “and I want to be sure we don’t forget it tonight. We should check each other for ticks.”
At the mention of ticks, Mindy shuddered and screwed up her face. “I couldn’t stand it if you found a tick on me. I’d just die! But we’d better look.”
Slowly we undressed each other. I ran my hands over her back, her sides, her shoulders, and her arms. “No ticks so far,” I reported.
She was short, so I knelt in front of her, with my back toward her, for her to check my scalp and ears. Then she knelt behind me, straddling my lower legs. The creamy skin of her inner legs and lower thighs brushed against my legs while she checked me as I had just checked her.
“None on you, either.”
I turned around; we faced each other, on our knees, both completely naked. Naturally, I had a big stiff boner. She looked down at it, then looked back up at me, smiling.
I smiled back. “I’d better check your boobs.”
She said nothing, but her smile deepened, and she nodded. I reached out and cupped her firm warm tits, gently rotating my hands as if seeking the hardness of a tick between hand and boob. I felt her nipples stiffen at my touch. When I finished this part of the inspection, she reached out and repeated it on me.
My boner was throbbing.
She lay on her pad, belly down. She was breathing deeply and quickly. So, I noticed, was I.
She spread her legs a bit, and I gently stroked her inner thighs. As I did so, one of my hands accidentally (really!) brushed the outer lips of her pussy. I heard her sharp intake of breath at that touch.
I lay down on my own pad. She performed an inspection on me that mirrored what I’d just done for her. My cock pulsed.
“We’re almost done. I just have to check your pussy.” I realized that I was whispering.
Her whispered reply was, “Yes--you do. And I have to check your hard-on and your balls.”
She laid down on her back. I got to my knees between her legs, and ran a hand through her ‘electric fur.’ She stiffened at the touch. And then, for the first time, I fully understood that phrase; that touch was indeed electric--for both of us!
Gently, I reached out with both hands and parted her nearly hairless outer lips, revealing the secret pink complexity within--her clitoris, hooded by her inner lips, and her vaginal opening. I stroked them all. She moaned.
Then I ran my index finger up between her inner lips, from her opening to her clit. Her furrow was hot, marvelously hot, and marvelously wet. She gasped…
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