Sharon Cully

Poetry of Peisse: Creation Story

Many things that we experience in life often cannot be explained away by human efforts to quantify them with science. The steady increase in the number of these events serve only to fuel our suspicions that there is far more to life and existence than what we can see with our eyes. Are you brave enough to take off the lid of Pandora's box and look inside?
This book takes you through the ancient wisdom of the Creation Story from the original Source and Spark of life, through to the wonders of All Life. This Poetry of Peisse should cause you to stop, listen and think.

Why are there so many wars?
Why does everyone insist that they are different to every one else?
Why do they insist that only their religion or their interpretation of God is right?
Why do they all insist that only their way is the right way?

We are one. You, me and all the others;
all of creation has mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
Earth people, star people, plant and animal;
all are one at a very primordial level.
31 printed pages
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