Bernard Bannerman

Dowell’s Disappearance

In this fifth thriller featuring Dave Woolf, the unorthodox, hard-living lawyer-detective faces his toughest challenge yet. The disappearance of his friend Tim Dowell and the unexplained deaths of a number of Members of Parliament appear to be unconnected cases, but are they? Dave’s investigation leads him into a labyrinth of deals with crooks, allies, lovers and the highest echelons of government, but he must also take care of his fraught personal life, ensure the safety of Alton, his young son, and try to move on from the tragedies scarring his past. Loyalties shift, and secrets unfurl as Dave becomes embroiled in a sinister conspiracy, part criminal, part political, but always evil. He must uncover the truth behind Dowell’s disappearance, and find out who, if anyone, he can really trust as old friends and old enemies return for retribution and revenge.
280 printed pages
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