Julian Rudolph,Kyle Hackel

PolitiGuide 2016

“PolitiGuide 2016” offers the reader a simple, unbiased, and “to the point” discussion of the 2016 Election. In a short and succinct style, “PolitiGuide 2016” provides a clear understanding of the general stances that Democrats and Republicans take on issues such as the economy, abortion, global warming, healthcare, and more. With so much misinformation, misperception, and general discussion surrounding a Presidential election, “PolitiGuide 2016” serves to empower voters and enable them to join the political discussion. In addition, readers of "PolitGuide 2016” will walk away with the ability to understand the “less talked about issues” like Marijuana and Race Relations, while also feeling more comfortable about topics like: how to register to vote and what to expect on voting day.
54 printed pages
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