Dwayne Anderson

Thriving in an Era of Emerging Technologies and Constant Disruption

Thriving in an Era of Emerging Technologies and Constant Disruption

Discover how the latest technologies are transforming industries in a Post COVID era
This is a difficult time but with tougher times come enormous opportunities. Skills in the New Digital Era will help you to take full advantage of the current situation, leverage key technologies, and help you grow as a business or a professional. This book presents the top technology trends to help you thrive in a post-COVID economy. You will learn how to leverage these technologies in your day to day life.
Skill upgrading has become more critical than ever owing to the pandemic. The times are scary but it is also the opportune time to embrace transformative and technological innovation.
Ground breaking technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Data science, 3D rapid prototyping, Blockchain, smart robots, self-driving cars and other trends, covered in this book, have ushered the new industrial revolution.
Similar to decades back when steam, electricity, and computers revolutionized the previous industrial revolutions, the current industrial revolution is driven by the technologies featured in this book. These technologies together will change businesses, transform business models, and industries. More importantly, it will change the way we serve our customers, how we do our job, and other aspects of the society.
For most of us, including leaders, it is very challenging to keep up with the current trend as these technologies keep emerging. With this book, the goal is to provide an easy to understand guide to the key technologies underpinning the fourth industrial revolution.
In this book, we have provided innovative solutions for students, professionals, and organizations of varying sizes. We will cover wide-ranging trends and provide a walkthrough of how to use these new and emerging trends in practice. The book covers the following topics:

•Data Privacy and Security

•Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

•Internet of Things

•3D printing and additive manufacturing

•Blockchain technology

•Augmented, virtual and mixed reality

By understanding these trends, you will be better positioned for Future of Work, ready to engage, to solve and address problems now and in the future
126 printed pages
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