Yucatan for Travelers – Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum, John M.Grimsrud
John M.Grimsrud

Yucatan for Travelers – Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum

323 printed pages
Yucatan for Travelers – Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum, is the idea book designed to make every minute of your tropical experience interesting, rewarding and full of unique pleasures. Visit the unpublicized gems of Mayan temple towns and quaint colonial villages. Travel back roads leading to the best beaches of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, and with the world’s finest bird watching as a bonus. You will discover the traditional Mayan and Mexican culinary delights from the real people in the prime seasons of harvest and at their festivals.
Your limited time is valuable. This book gives tips on the select seasons, times of day and directions to take advantage of sun, wind and climatic considerations to optimize your travel experiences.
For the arm-chair traveler and people that have been to Yucatan before and think that they have seen and done everything, Yucatan for Travelers – Side Trips: Valladolid to Tulum will open the door to special places not presented in tours or guided excursions.
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