The Lazarus Bell – Illaun Bowe Crime Thriller #2, Patrick Dunne
Patrick Dunne

The Lazarus Bell – Illaun Bowe Crime Thriller #2

A gruesome summer crimewave in the Boyne Valley complete with ritual murders and a mysterious plague-bringing Madonna – intrepid archaeologist Illaun Bowe is back in Irish king of crime Patrick Dunne’s spine-tingling The Lazarus Bell!
‘It’s not what you think,’ he rasped, his tongue dry and clicking inside his mouth. A look of fear had invaded his eyes. I came as close as I dared. His voice dropped to a barely detectable whisper. ‘It’s worse … far worse.’
A beautiful carved wooden Madonna, sealed tightly into a lead coffin, is discovered in a plague graveyard in the sleepy village of Castleboyne in Ireland – a fascinating but routine call-out for archaeologist Illaun Bowe.
That is, until they take the coffin out of the ground and a black liquid oozes out from the casing, accidentally spilling over one of the workers. Within 24 hours, his skin breaks out in pus-filled lesions, and his organs fail, one by one …
Soon hysteria breaks out in Castleboyne, with a quarantine imposed on the town by the Department of Health and nasty tabloid speculation that the disease has been brought to the area by the new immigrant population. Illaun has to get to the bottom of what was in the coffin to reassure herself that a deadly disease hasn’t been unleashed upon the community because of her carelessness. Then a young boy is brought into the hospital, with the same symptoms as Terry …
As the summer temperatures soar, the hysteria is fuelled by the finding of a torso floating in the River Boyne, an African woman killed for ritual purposes. Meanwhile, someone is making it dangerously clear to Illaun that they want that statue …
Dive into The Lazarus Bell, another heart-stopping macabre thriller from internationally bestselling author Patrick Dunne. Full of twists, turns and uncovered conspiracies, join archaeologist Illaun Bowe in this unpredictable, atmospheric novel guaranteed to give you goosebumps.
Who knew archaeology could be so interesting – and dangerous?
Praise for Patrick Dunne
Dunne may be the next big thing in the thriller field out of Ireland.
Irish Independent
[Patrick Dunne], in his multi-layered novels, explores the darker recesses of the human psyche where his plots are powered by the mysterious and the macabre and include strange happenings in such places as ‘plague pits’ and cemeteries.
The Meath Chronicle
A gripping thriller
Books Ireland
… attractively-drawn heroine Illaun Bowe neatly combines archaeology, medieval history and current sociological tensions in Ireland in an absorbing read.
Irish Independent
338 printed pages
Original publication
Gill Books


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Carol for the dead was far better....

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