Jean Ure

Freaks Out! (Frankie Foster, Book 3)

The first book about ten-year-old FRANKIE FOSTER — the girl who wants to help, but ends up causing chaos!
Frankie Foster loves fixing people's problems. Her help might not always be welcome — and she might cause the odd total disaster — but Frankie always fixes things. Eventually!
Frankie’s best friend Skye, who’s pretty serious at the best of times, is acting even more quiet than usual, so it’s up to Frankie and their other best friend, Jem, to find out what’s up.
And when Skye confesses that she’s lost a very special pencil, bequeathed to her by her granny, Frankie is determined to discover what’s happened to the precious heirloom. In fact, she’s SO determined to help, she’s prepared to go to some extraordinary lengths… with some hilarious and very spooky consequences!
131 printed pages


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