Chris Brosnahan


Let IDRoPs change your point of view…
Chris Brosnahan is the winner of the 2013 30 Hour Novel Competition, run by authonomy and The Kernel magazine. His debut thriller, set in a future where augmented reality is widespread, will have you hooked.
I pushed the needle into the woman’s eye. She squirmed.
‘It’s okay,’ I told her. ‘It’s okay.’ I brought my voice down a little, trying to calm her. ‘Just relax.’
John Macfarlane is a highly-skilled optometrist. He works with IDRoPs, a solution that allows people to see augmented reality. He lives a quiet life with his wife and daughter, but one day, everything changes.
John discovers that someone is brutally murdering his patients, ripping their eyes out, and slipping away. Who is the killer? And can he stop them before they destroy everything he has worked so hard to build?
Chris Brosnahan’s debut novel is gripping and vividly real — all the more impressive as it was written in just 30 hours! A must-read for fans of fast-paced fiction which twists and turns.
89 printed pages


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