Emma Ashe

Deeper Than Temptation

That accent. That body. That kiss.
That little bit about how he’s my boss…

Parker: Aiden isn’t going to be my next mistake. I’m done with gorgeous men who can make my head spin with a single touch. Not to mention there’s the whole boss-nanny bit. His niece and nephew need me. I can’t hurt them and I can’t let Aiden hurt me.
I also can’t keep my hands off him.
Aiden: I’ve never felt anything like I have with Parker. The more I have her, the more I want her—but she can’t get away from me fast enough. She’s worried about my niece and nephew. She’s rebuilding her life. She doesn’t trust herself. That’s okay though because I trust this thing between us.
And I’ve always enjoyed a challenge.
*Deeper Than Love is a spicy new romantic series filled with hot, dirty billionaire alphas and the beautiful, curvy girls who tame them. Perfect for a quick bedtime read or a quicker reader blush, you’ll love this new boss nanny novel, Deeper Than Temptation, a single dad romance with a dirty-talking, Irish-accented alpha hero who will keep you flipping pages. One of the best steamy romance novels of this year!
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